Friday, July 24, 2009

A Rowdy Day for Sydney-Pooh

Sydney hardly ever causes a ruckus. Generally, she is agreeable and just spends her day following me around the house or playing quietly in Colton's room. Every so often she will scream when some injustice has happened to her...she has figured out that the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

But today my little angel has been quite rowdy! This morning Sydney and I were the only ones home for a few hours and I took the opportunity to give her a quiet, non-splashing, non- assaulting bath. She and Colton usually take a bath together and because of that her experience with bath time has been negatively altered. Anyone who has given Colton a bath knows what I'm talking about. I would compare Colton's bath time to standing in the "splashing zone" at a water one walks away dry and every inch of the bathroom is dripping. Anyway, I thought I would give Sydney a nice peaceful bath, then some one-on-one cuddle time and down for a nap.

A few hours later Jeff showed up with ice cream sandwiches for the kids. Sydney went into her high chair, made a gigantic mess of the ice cream sandwich, and soon thereafter went BACK into the bathtub. I was actually more upset about the adorable little dress she had on being potentially ruined. Thank goodness for Spray 'N Wash! After bath #2 was finished she and Colton were playing in his room with our new puppy. Jeff was right outside the bedroom and noticed Sydney with *something* on her hands and in her mouth. The puppy had taken a 'poo' in Colton's room and Sydney was playing in it and, of all things, put it in her mouth!!! So she received a quick but thorough bird bath, a tooth-brushing, and some juice to 'wash it down'. UUgggghhhh! It makes me want to puke, and I am totally expecting her to get worms or something!

Dinner time was approaching and as I surveyed my cabinets, all I could muster up the energy to fix was spaghetti. I should have spent the few extra minutes fixing something less messy because guess who got YET ANOTHER bath after dinner...Sydney-Pooh! While she was in the bathtub for the fourth time today, I was sitting on the floor gazing at the hideous wallpaper that I had hoped would be replaced by now (hint, hint...Jeff), I looked over and Sydney had a bar of soap in her mouth...goin' to town on it!

So in one 12 hour period Sydney has played in and chomped on puppy poo, sucked on a bar of soap, and had 4 baths. I am exhausted!

To beat it all, Jeff keeps giving me *that look*... and I just keep ignoring him. It ain't gonna happen tonight sweetheart!