Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ther are some things I simply cannot keep under control...

LAUNDRY>>>Not only do I consantly have an enormous amount of laundry to wash and put away (and really the part I hate the most is the putting way part), but one of my children is a chronic bed wetter. So on top of a mountain of clothes, I also have 20 thousand sheets and blankets in my utility room to be washed. Twenty thousand is probably a bit of an exageration, but that's how it feels!

I give up, I'm just gonna take it all to the laundry mat.

Dishes>>>Another one of my most detestable chores is dishes. Someday I plan on doing my part to help the environment, but for the moment Mother Nature is just going to have to get over the fact that we go thru a ridiculous amount of paper and plastic products because I hate doing dishes...AND YET...even with my chronic abuse of the environment I still have a mountain of dishes that I am going to have to hand wash because I already know they aren't ALL going to fit in my dishwasher. Tragic.

Lack of sleep>>>I am freakin' exhausted! Why, WHY I ask, won't my children sleep?!?! One wakes me because he tee teed in the bed, one wants to do her homework and paint her nails well after her bedtime, one is teething and wants to nurse AND use me as a chew toy ALL NIGHT LONG, and one is just plain stubborn and is determined to wander the house until midnight, then gets back up at 5:30 am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! What is wrong with you little turkeys!

Sleep is wonderful...it is not your enemy. It is a glorious thing to be rejuevinated, refreshed, revitalized. Do you not see the bags under your mother's eyes, do you not notice me being forced to partake of enormous amounts of caffeine in order to function, form sensible thoughts, and speak understandable sentences! Sleep, I command you...SLEEP!

TRASH>>> My husband says that we are the trashiest people he has ever known. We create more trash than I can keep up with. I don't know where it all comes from, sometimes I just stand in front of my trash can in awe of the overflow. Then when we sack it and take it outside, the pack of stray dogs that wanders our street...that I have asked the pound numerous times to come and get, but they don't...tears into our trash and scatters it all over the front and back yard. SOOOO then I get to spend my morning picking up nasty trash that has been in a dog's mouth!

In my dreams, I am on a beach...a private beach.. at night laying on the sand. There is a warm breeze blowing and I hear dolphins playing in the background. I feel the water rush onto shore and barely tickle my toes, there is no laundry, there are no dirty dishes, and no trash. There are no annoying dogs, my children are sleeping peacefully...somewhere else, because I did not bring them with me, and I am well rested.

I am also tan and skinny.

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  1. oh gina. i love you! you are a wonderful mommy and i want to be a mom like you one day :)
    love, hannah