Sunday, May 27, 2012


Today Jeff and I decided that we should take the kids on a little trip.  With no final destination in mind, we knew that we wanted to visit the grave sites of our grandparents.  First, we drove to Bourbon County and visited my grandmother and grandfather's grave.

Forrest and Virginia Davis's tombstone.  Gina's dad's parents.

Then off we went to Harrison County to see the grave site of Jeff's grandmother.

Lily DeBruler's tombstone. Jeff's father's mother.
 Then the kids were turning into little beasts so we decided to feed them before something really terrible happened.  We were lucky to find a Mexican restaurant where Sydney and Colton could eat there favorite Mexican meal; chips and salsa followed by chicken strips and french fries.

Summer and JD, B.A.F..... Best Amigos Forever

Then we went to visit Jeff's papaw, Joby DeBruler, Lily's widowed husband.  Joby is now remarried to Jean, the sweetest little lady, whom Jeff's family just loves!  Then on the way home we stopped for some cold drinks.  Those who were allowed to purchase caffinated drinks were chatty and playful...

Those were not allowed to purchase caffinated drinks are now well-rested and will, no doubt, be up till midnight...

And this is the man who made it all happen...

My Baby-Daddy


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