Thursday, April 10, 2008


I set this blog up several months ago and this is the first time that I am posting...I always tell my family that I will get to things eventually, so I think it's pretty cool that today "eventually" has finally arrived! I wanted to have a place to talk about my comings and goings as a stay-at-mommy, how great my husband and kids are, and (in general) how very, very blessed I am! I hope that anyone who reads this blog will enjoy it and visit again from time to time, but I want most for my family to read and enjoy these postings because my writings are about them and how very much I love them.

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  1. mom thanks for writing about me it is such a treat when i know well how bout i put it this way EVRYY BODY IS GOING TO KNOW ME KNOW ME THAT MOMENT WENT BY FAST ANY WAYS o my gosh this going to be so cool summer stop talking to your self I can't stop i said stop no you stop no you stop well i better leave befor somthing els gos on love ya summer