Monday, June 2, 2008

This is not a democracy

Well, there are the rumblings of war on Sawmill Road. The citizens are being disobedient and think they are going to over turn their dictator...they think! Someone forgot to tell my sweet children that there are no child labor laws enforced on Sawmill Road.

"There is plenty to get done today and my job is to feed you, wash your laundry, and keep Sydney from screaming her head off. So hop to it!" (Cracking the whip.) I have momentarily allowed them to rest for an hour and a half, I may even let them run thru the water hose later. I have to give them something to work towards, right? I even made Colton pick up his toys earlier...however he thought it was a game and tossed them all back on the floor within moments of me saying, "GOOD JOB, Mommy is proud of you!"

In other news, Jeff and I have decided to keep Colton indoors for about a week for fear that someone will call the police and accuse us of abuse! No, but really, he has had a horrible 24 hours! Yesterday morning he pulled a plate off the counter and one of the broken pieces nicked his big toe, then he fell down 3 porch steps (because 'someone', who's name begins with a G and rhymes with 'ina', didn't latch the porch gate while she was dutifully retrieving a sippy cup out of the yard) and he landed face first into the concrete sidewalk. Lastly, this morning JD was trying to chase a wasp out of our house -because I am petrified of wasps and JD is so very brave-, when the wasp landed on the couch, Colton just pick it up as if he were going to hand the wasp to JD. Needless to say, Colton got stung. I suppose I should get out of the bed and supervise these children....(joking)!

In otherly news (is that even a word?) Meyers in Lexington has milk on sale for $2.50 a gallon! I am making a trip over there this week and am bringing back 10 gallons of whole milk, I read somewhere on-line that whole milk freezes well. I'll let ya know.

I hope all of my blog buddies have a wonderful, superific week. And stay *Cool*! (Hee, hee...I meant that in the literal sense, but when I said it, it made me sound really hip! I'm sure when my daughter reads this she will roll her eyes in disgust and embarrassment...I think I'll say it again!)

Stay *COOL*!!!

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  1. I'm still reading and still loving your blog!!