Friday, June 20, 2008

This very moment...

Outside my window

It is raining and I see an empty swing set, and a wet dog that wants to come inside, but I won't let her because she'll stink up my house.

I am thinking

about how nice it would be to lose 30 lbs. and fit into my summer wardrobe.

I am thankful for Why do I keep my recipe books? I never use them! This is probably one of my most favorite websites in the whole universe.

From the kitchen

for lunch...cheeseburgers and baked potatoes. For dinner...haven't thought that far ahead. I will probably have to go to the grocery for dinner stuff. Also, I need to wash my dishes, which I detest doing!

I am wearing

my frumpy PJ's

I am going

To my mom's house this afternoon to let her dog out to potty, to the grocery store, and to clean out my vehicle because "something" stinks and it is coming from the direction of JD's seat...probably wet socks or a dead pet cicada in his cupholder.

I am reading

the book of James in the bible. It is short and uncomplicated, and it gives great advise about the danger of "words". I find that I often need to show great self-control in this area.

" The tongue is the smallest part of the body but is the most dangerous. A great forest can be set on fire by just a spark. In the same way, the mouth also can be a can corrept the whole person and destroy the course of ones life with words." James 3:5 and 6 (paraphrased)

I am hoping

that Summer is having a wounderful time at camp. I hope she is safe and is learning about God and making lots of friends, and I hope that she is looking forward to coming home because I have missed her so much.

I am hearing

the crunch of Cheetos in my ear. I feel the pecking of a cheesy finger on my shoulder and the sweet little words of my son asking me if he can have an Ale81 to go along with the chips that he is eating at 10 in the morning. Excuse me a moment while I tell him no and wipe the cheese off my shirt.

Around the house

Both the little ones are sleeping, the kittens are playing in the house, the wet dog is still outside glaring at me thru the window, JD is watching Disney channel, and there is lots to be cleaning so I need to finish this up.

One of my favorite things

my porch swing that Jeff got me for my 29th birthday last year. This year for my 29th birthday I think I'll ask for a gift certificate to my new favorite clothing store, and next year for my 29th birthday, I am planning on asking for new paint in my bedroom.

*May you see the blessing in whatever it is that you are doing this very moment.*

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