Friday, July 11, 2008


A terrible thing has happened...terrible, awful, horrible. I must have the MOST disobedient daughter on the face of the planet. I cannot believe that my sweet little girl would go and do something that I specifically told her NOT to do. She will most certainly be grounded for eternity. You won't believe it, I can't believe it, guess what she went and did...

She Turned 9!!!!

On Wednesday my oddest, I mean oldest child, had her ninth birthday. I was 21 when she was born and even though I am oh so furious with her for turning one year older, I am going to tell everyone who is reading this nine reasons why I love my SumSum!

Nine Reasons Why I Love My Daughter SOOO Much

1. She is the person who made me a mommy. She gave me the greatest job in the world.

2. She is my second set of hands. There are many, many things that I could never get done without her help.

3. She use to call Mermaids 'Wormaids'...I never corrected her because it was so adorable.

4. She is the only child who has freckles like me.

5. She lets me read her stories. Even though she knows how to read and has read *just* about every book in our house, she knows it makes me happy to cuddle up next to her and read her a story...and as corny as that is, she still lets me.

6. My daughter is BEAUTIFUL! She is one on the most beautiful people I have ever seen. Most importantly though, she has a beautiful heart. She is generous, she is mannerly, she is witty. I can't wait to see the awesome woman that she will be someday. And although, when she is grown, I will still be her mom I am most excited to be her friend.

7. She is strong! I am amazed at her physical strength, she is NO wimp. But she is also mentally strong. She is very outspoken and confident, and is not easily swayed by others remarks or thoughts.

8. She is brave. I am in awe of her courage to stand up for what she believes in, even at such a young age.

9. And the most important reason why I love Summer so much is because I know that God created her and made her my daughter. She is a wonderful young lady and I am a better person for having her in my life!

Happy Birthday Summer, I Love You!

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  1. You have described Summer so well. I know you are proud of her and thank you for sharing her with us. As I look back I see so many of those same attributes spoken of the little girl that made me the first mommny of a lovely family. I wish you years of happiness with your family. Remember honey, you may ground them, but they will grow up and sometimes away, and they may leave too, but will come back home and bring more joy to your life. I love you. Mommy