Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy October

Well, I have not blogged nearly enough this month! There has been so much going on and simply not enough time in the day to get everything done. Here is a quick breakdown of my October!

JD turned 6 yrs old on the 10th. I am highly upset about this because we AGREED last year that he wasn't going to have anymore birthdays thus he would stay 5 yrs old forever. I like 5 year olds, they are so likable and lovable and agreeable. Anywho, no since crying over spilled milk...he's 6 now.

YeeeeeHawwww Court Day! My most favorite event! I wait all year long for Court Day and I am proud to say that, despite my husband's distaste for this gigantic flea market, my children are following in my footsteps. I have nurtured a love for this annual festivity and Summer and JD had a blast this year. Poo poo on anyone who poo poos on Court Day..."that includes you Jeff"!

My husband turned 34, on the 24th, born in '74. I think "4" is his lucky number. We went out to eat on Friday, then on Sunday we went to see the movie "Fireproof". EXCELLENT MOVIE! And on that note, I would just like to say how very much I love my husband and how lucky I am to be his wife. I have got to be the most blessed woman in all the world to be married to Jeff DeBruler!

In closing I will give you a brief rundown of "others".

  • soccer season (Summer's sport) is over
  • football season (JD's sport) is over
  • Wednesday night Summit at Gateway has begun (Very fun!)
  • Summer started horseback riding lessons this month
  • basketball starts for JD in November,
  • both Colton and Sydney have had ear infections this month
  • Colton will start speech therapy in November
  • my college class is on going
  • as is piano for Summer
  • both Summer and JD got all A's on their report cards
  • the sermons at church this month have been awesome
  • and Trick or Treat is on Thursday

Our schedules are so busy this time of year but I wouldn't trade it for anything different! Hope you find as much joy in your day as I do in mine!


  1. You get pleasure in the hussle bussle of life. I think you are great, and yes I agree that Jeff is a great husband to you, father to the young ones and provider for all. I love you both, you all are a unique family.

  2. Gina, It takes a special kind of person to enjoy court day the way we do. He's not from here so he wouldn't understand but we will look over that part and accept him anyways! (Love ya Jeff!) Doesn't November hold just as much excitement? Toni and Colton's birthday, Thanksgiving dinners...Rest up!! Love, D