Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Visitors and A Funny Video

Thank you so much for commenting on JD's fall story...please feel free to continue to send people to my blog to comment, he can continue to earn $ right up until Court Day. And stay posted because Summer is working on her story as well.

By the way, there were two *new* visitors to my blog for my previous post. Jesslee is a Kentucky who is living in Kansas, and JenIg is a woman in Tennessee who, in the bloggity world, is somewhat of a celebrity! She is a freelance writer for several christian and homeschooling magazines...and the main reason why I LOVE her blog is because she makes me laugh until I cry! Thank you ladies for visiting and leaving little JD a comment. I hope that my family and friends will visit their sites as well. Also, my Uncle Bradley left a comment which I was really excited about because he reads my blog faithfully, and even reminds me to post when I haven't written anything in a while. But he has never left a comment until now, thank you Uncle Bradley...I love you so much!

Moving on, I found this HILARIOUS video on another blog and just had to post it on mine. My mom and husband can attest to the fact that this is totally a day in my household!



  1. Oh my goodness. That is so you!! How scarey! Poor kids and Jeff. I do have a question, what were you doing up at 3:20 this morning? Get some rest. You stay so sleepy because you're on the computer at 4 in the morning!!! I love you, Dede

  2. Had to watch it again. Love it. Dede

  3. Gina..
    Yep that sounded like me years I pass all that wisdom to my daughterS. And you thought I was a ..not going to put a bad name on here..She was a redhead too, did you notice that? Poor Jeff. Very enjoyable. Love you Mom