Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Decorating 101


You varmints who are breaking the cardinal rule of the holidays...Stop it NOW!

I ask you, would you put up Easter decor before Valentine's Day? Would you put up Halloween decorations before Independence Day? Why...WHY then do you think it is OK to *squash* Thanksgiving by putting up Christmas lights? (I am not speaking to those who leave your Christmas lights up all year long, you are in a class of your own...that's a completely different topic of ranting!)

Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday, don't wish it away. If you must put up decorations...hang pilgrims, hang turkeys. I do mean this in the sense of decorating, I would never encourage anyone to really *hang* a pilgrim or a turkey. I understand it is much more efficient to just cut their heads off...the turkey, that is, not the pilgrim. But if you must kill a pilgrim, I think something like chicken pox would do the trick, or you could just show them the condition of the country that they founded and they would probably just die of a heart attack.

So in the spirit of rushing things along...Has anyone thought about a New Year's Resolution? I'd like to hear what your goals for 2009 are.

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  1. Year's Resolution = Buy more Lottery and Lotto tickets!