Friday, December 12, 2008

Bradley told me to post

I have neglected my blog! It has been a whole month since I last posted. I have been shamed and made to see the error of my my Uncle Bradley!

Some random thoughts:

My new favorite commercial is an ad for a Chevy Traverse. This woman is driving down the streets of some metropolitan city and, low and behold, shoes start falling from the heavens! Watch for yourself...


I have been chosen as a finalist for the 92.9 The Bear 2008 Extreme Makeover Christmas Give-away. Whoopie!! I will meet with the doctors next week and if I am the winner, I will receive FREE dental work and FREE cosmetic surgery...which, my husband can attest to, I desperately need! Four pregnancies and nursing four babies has really taken a toll on my body. Good luck to me!

Tonight we are going to the Santa Express in Bardstown. The kids are really excited about it! They get to wear their PJ's, drink hot chocolate and eat cookies. The grand finale is that Santa himself makes a trip from the North Pole to ride the train with the kids and spend time going over their Christmas lists! I can hardly contain myself!

Toni (my youngest sister) has put a thought in my head. She thinks that I should/could write a children's book. I definitely have some ideas and I know what it takes to make a great children's story, but them what? Who do you show your story to, who illustrates it, who publishes it? I need to research this...

Lastly, a picture...I finally figured out how to do it, kinda.

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  1. OK Gina, This is about the 6th time I have checked your blog this month. I'm ready for a new one. Get on with it. Christmas is over and surely you have some funny Christmas stories to tell us. It had to be comical at your house on Christmas morning. I love ya, Dede