Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Thoughts...

First, I personally do not care for Michael Jackson. I think he's weird and most likely has done inappropriate things to children, including his own. Like some of his music, mostly the old stuff. He's dead, let's move on.

It was not meant for me to have a garden this year. It flooded and my garden was destroyed. I shall overcome...I am currently raising a basil plant, in my home. It's not dead (yet), let's move on.

I think it is WONDERFUL that Kate Gossling spanks her children. I think more parents should do it. It is a biblical discipline technique that (when done correctly) reaps wonderful benefits for parents and children, and it is perfectly legal to spank in this country. All you nay sayers, get over it! Moving on...

I am beyond exstatic about seeing Summer and JD tomorrow! Summer has been gone for over 2 wks and JD has been gone for 8 days, they have been visiting their dad in Tennessee and have had a wonderful time. I have missed them terribly and cannot wait to smother them with kisses and hugs. I only hope I don't squeeze them to death. See you tomorrow Sum-Sum and J-Man!


  1. You have more random thoughts than that. You call me at least 15 times a day with random thoughts. Post them and let people read your thoughts. I want to hear more about....spanking. I think it's a good thing too, make a whole blog about it. Some random thoughts about...I don't know..."kids" dating/pressure/peer-pressure? You've told me at least 4 stories this week you can blog about. Run with it! Dede

  2. i agree with dede. if you posted more on here then maybe you would stop calling your sisters and mother starting at 6am haha. you have a whole lot of wisdom to offer gina so you should post more often.