Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yes, they're all mine. Wait...where did that one come from?!?!

I love Sundays!

The sheer chaos of the morning makes me laugh. The packing of the snacks and sippy cups, shoveling down breakfast in the van on the way to church because somebody got up late and didn't have time to eat. Running back in the house to grab diapers and wipes because "I thought you grabbed them." "No, I thought you grabbed them! Didn't I tell you to grab them?" Doing my make-up on the way to church with one eye open and the other eye closed praying to God that we don't hit a pothole and poke my eyeball out! Getting to church only to realize that a) we're late...again, b) Colton has no socks on, and c) Sydney apparently lost a shoe in the driveway at the house, so now she will have to go into church with one shoe on!

Let me NOT forget the important task of picking out matching clothes, ironing said clothes, forcing oldest daughter to change into the clothes that *I* picked out because we are going to church (for heaven's sake)...not a grunge-fest! And let's not forget the one phrase that will throw the entire household into a panic..."OH NO! I don't have any clean underwear!"

If only church would start 5 minutes later, I swear I think I could pull it off.

But it's all worth it when the worship service begins and I look down the aisle and see my children and husband...all of us at church and together, worshipping God...'cause that's the goal.

Until I notice that I have two extra children sitting on my pew! WHAT!?!?


  1. I absolutely love it!!! The sad part is that I actually can see all of that happening on a typical Sunday morning of yours! ~Toni

  2. LOVE IT!!! It seems no matter how much we prepare the night before we still have chaos.

  3. Gina, your blogging is AWESOME! I LOVE reading what you write and find myself chuckling (which Miriam promptly asks, "Why are you laughing?" EVERYTIME) because I can so totally relate to your life experiences. :)
    Love ya friend!