Monday, May 12, 2008

Chickens have lice, Goats stink

Summer came home from school on Friday and wanted to know if she could bring home some baby chics. Apparently, one of the teachers at school let her students incubate some eggs and not all of the children were allowed to take their chics home ( I don't have a clue why!), so the teacher was asking for volunteers to give the chics suitable homes.

That very same afternoon on our way home, we passed a small farm with goats and JD had the wonderful idea that we should get a goat. A farmer had brought some goats and lhamas to their school to learn about a few interesting farm animals. JD shared with me that the farmer had told his class that some goats were like pets and they were very sweet.

What a splendid idea! Chickens and goats! Yes, yes, and yes...actually we should get two chickens and two goats because everyone needs friends, right? I will inform Jeff immediately that we will be aquiring some new pets and that he should make the appropriate housing arrangements......whatever they may be... - sayeth the non-country girl.

Done, it was that easy...only in my head of course! When I oh-so-casually explained this to Jeff, just as I had rehearsed in my mind, he quickly squashed all my plans!

Jeff- Gina, we don't have a place to put chickens and goats!
Gina- I thought you could build something.
Jeff- When do you expect me to do that?
Gina- Well, can't they just stay outside?
Jeff- Gina, we don't have a farm!
Gina- 3/4 of an acre is big enough for two chickens and two goats, isn't it?
Jeff- ...and 4 kids and a dog too!!?! NO! IT'S NOT ENOUGH ROOM! I grew up on a farm, I know about this kind of stuff.
Gina-I thought it would be good for the kids to have something to take care of.
Jeff- YEH RIGHT! You said that when you brought the dog home. You know good and well
who will be taking take of them. ME!
Jeff-Look.... chickens have lice (proceeded by some story that horrified me and made me itch),
and goats stink (he knows that I hate smelly animals- I can deal with smelly children but
NOT smelly animals).

Gina-.....could we get a cat?
Jeff-...(pause)...(pause)...(then hesitently)...we can get a cat .

Gina-Can we get two?

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