Sunday, May 4, 2008

Learning to post pictures...bare with me!

Who knows how this will end up!

I am trying to move to the next stage of blogging...posting pictures.

This first pic is left justifies, small image (I am talking to myself, by the way! I am making notes so that I can decide what I like.) I meant for this picture of JD to be UNDER the above first two sentences...didn't work out for me, I'll have to play around some more.

This next picture of Summer is centered, small image. Somehow it ended up at the top of the page when I meant for it to be between this paragraph and the above paragraph. What does a girl have to do! Let's try again!

The last picture which is a TROPHY WINNING S-10 drag racing truck (that should be displaying a "For Sale" sign) is right justifies, small image. Clearly, it ended up in the right hand corner of the page...which is not where I intended on it being. Again, it was suppose to be between this and the previous paragraph. I am flopping at this! Did I mention the afore mentioned truck is for sale? I think I will try once more to sell the truck...I mean post a picture (ooops!).

The picture on the VERY TOP of the page, is medium image. Maybe I need to try to manually move them...nope, didn't work! Anywho, I feel that I have been successful in my quest to post pictures, however, failed miserably at getting the pictures to post where I want them to be...I shall make this my mission for next time!

Did I mention that the truck was for sale?


  1. Hi, It's Gina! I am trying to figure out how to allow anonymous comments so that anyone can laugh at me publicly without having to "log in". I'll put that on my list of things to figure out... this all may take some time.

  2. Whoopie, I did anybody can leave me a comment without having to go thru a million steps to do so. Congrats to you, and hooray to me for being SOOO wise in figuring out this technology. I am so impressed with myself!


  3. Where are the pictures of Colton and Sydney? I like how you have a picture of JD sleeping and "Who knows how this will end." Aint that the truth. Keep up the good work, Love ya, Dede