Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 Things...

10 things I never, in a million years, thought motherhood would make me do...

1. Use a public restroom with the door wide open because I can't fit the stroller in the stall with me.

2. Use an infant diaper as a "sanitary napkin" because I was out and about and didn't have anything else.

3. Tell my son that if he blows really hard then the hot dog will come out of his nose.

4. Tell my other son that he may NOT have an apple because he already wasted his oreos.

5. Consider a PB&J sandwich a balanced meal.

6. Know the entire song of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Blue's Clues.

7. Get cursed out at Wal-Mart for having a crying baby. My response, "Lady, you should spend a day at my house!"

8. Seriously consider homeschooling.

9. Buy my kids boxing gloves so they can just go out in the yard and fight it out.

10.Sit on my back porch with a glass of sweet tea and watch them fight it out.


  1. Very entertaining thoughts you have there.I read them to you grandmother and they started her day off laughing. Good medicine for us to have a laugh often. I am very proud of you! You are unique. Love Mommy

  2. Haha that was really funny! You know what is sad though? They are so true!!! Haha. Love you!