Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the trenches

I am so hopeful that my lapses in blogging are over! I have missed the outlet. I've looked to temporarily replaces it over the last few months with quick fixes, but I'll tell ya...nothing soothes me like blogging.

"Where have I been," you may ask?

I could give you a run down, but happened and it just about mowed me over! Seriously, if it hasn't been one thing, it's been another and I've been in the trenches! The old saying, "When it rains, it pours," that's been the last 2 months for me.

Let me say...nothing tragic has happened, just LIFE! Busy, chaotic, not in my datebook, LIFE! For instance, (and mind you, this is just the most recent yucky happening) last week Summer was terribly sick. Terrible, terrible. Like two trips to the ER...sick. This week JD is sick with similar symptoms, and just last night baby Colton started with the same issues!

Can I get a breather here!!!

Poor Colton wants to desperately to go "ou-side" and of course, the one awesome day would be the day that he is dreadfully ill. I can't stand for my kids to be sick, I just feel so awful for them!

But I am hopeful for spring and that this winter yuckiness will soon be gone.

Thank you, God, for beautiful days like this one to remind us to have hope, better days are just around the corner. You knew just what I needed today!

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  1. i hope the kids get better. they will be receiving a package from cool aunt toni soon! i'm going to try to get it out so that it will be there before pooh's 1st birthday!!! remember she is a leprechaun so we must recognize her birthday with green not anything like pink.