Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Last 1st

Today is my baby's first birthday. She is my last child so this day is very bitter-sweet for me, as will her second and third and forth birthdays be as well, I'm sure...you get the picture.

This post is for Sydney. If others choose to read it I hope they enjoy it, but today I write to you, Pooh Bear.

I'm sure it is of no coincidence that you were born on St. Patrick's Day. Your heritage is partly Irish. I suppose that since God decided not to give me red-headed children...which I SOOO wanted, he thought he would at least give me a leprechaun.

I have to admit that finding out I was pregnant with you was a surprise, but I tried to enjoy every moment of it knowing you would be my last. This year I have been so thankful to be home with you and Colton. Being able to see all of your milestones, not missing even one, has been the most precious gift that your Daddy could have ever given to me. Thank you Jeff for letting me stay home with our children, I am so thankful!
Syd, if I could switch places with anyone in the world, it would be you. You are hands down the most loved little girl I have ever met. Some people search the world over trying to find love, but you came into this world already owning more love than most people receive their entire lives. And that's just one of the perks that goes along with being the baby!

You have a big sister who dotes on you and carries you around like you belong to her alone. Her words toward you are so gentle and affectionate. And, oh Sydney, JD is so protective of you! He watches over you like a bear to a cub. Even I have received a mean look and a harsh word from him if he didn't think your needs were being met quickly enough. For a lifetime, I know you have a big brother who will sacrifice his wants and needs to care for you. And although Colton is still learning how to be gentle with you, you are his best friend and favorite playmate. The two of you will learn so much together and from each other. I imagine in the future the pair of you will be as thick as thieves.

Pooh, your Daddy is crazy about you. I love to watch the two of you together. He is simply mesmerized by those beautiful blue eyes. But don't think I don't know what you're doing when you drop that head of yours and heavily bat those eyes! I have a Daddy too, I know how it works! You've learned how to capture his heart, haven't you...but don't worry, we'll keep that secret just between us girls (hee,hee).

You have completed this family, you have made us whole. But don't think that your role in the family is just to receive love. We are more than just individuals living under the same roof, we are a team. When you are the member of a team your job, your goal, should be the betterment of the whole unit. You have a responsibility to love and support your parents and siblings as much as we will do the same for you. Do not go through life being a taker...so much has already been given to you. Be a giver...give to others the love, encouragement, kindness, and gentleness that has been given to you. Be a giver of forgiveness, be a giver of help to those who need it, be a giver of wisdom when you have it to offer. Do not take for granted the position...the blessing...that God has placed you in.

See sweetie, being the youngest...the baby...is a great place to land in a family. It is an easy place to grow up, often with less responsibility than other positions. Be thankful to God for such an easy entrance into this world, and show him that you appreciate his blessing on you by offering your life as a living sacrifice to him.

Dear God,

Build high your hedge of protection around Sydney. Guard her little eyes, ears, mind, and heart from the ugly things of this world, help us to keep her innocent and naive as long as possible. Pour out your blessing on her life, that she may always know joy, contentment, love, and most importantly that she may always stay near to you. Help us to raise her in a way that she will grow into a beautiful woman of God. She is already so beautiful on the outside, but make her beautiful on the inside as well! And Lord, at the end of her life, may she return to you as pure and innocent a woman as you first gave her to me as a child.


  1. Sydney, you are so lucky to have a caring loving set of parents. The whole family thinks you are the best baby their could be. Your competition may be JD as your mom used to say the same things about him. You,your brothers and sisters, and parents are such a unique family. Jeff and Gina, you are a wonderful set of young, youthful and loving parents. I am very proud of you all. Love you both for your individual ways and love you for the family you have given to me to love. Mommy

  2. Where is that box of tissues when I need them?
    Uncle Bradley

  3. wait a minute...i thought i was the baby of the family? i thought i was the favorite? just because i move to a different state doesn't mean i get booted out of the family!!! i'm still the favorite! haha, just kidding...maybe...

  4. This is so sweet, and every thing in it is so true. Sydney, I hope you know how much you are loved. It has been a joy watching you this year, grow and discover. You are so smart. I'm amazed at how the smallest things that adults take for granted, you find so much pleasure in. I love you so much. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and many more to come. Love, Aunt Dede