Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bugs and snails and puppydog tails...

Today I taught Children's Church and I had a classroom full of boys...not a girl in sight! Eight little boys varies ages, ranging from 5 to 9ish and I have to say...we had great time! If you attend LWC and had a son in Children's Church today, you should be proud! Your sons were a joy!

We talked about the prophet Elisha and the 5 miracles that he performed in II Kings 4 and 5. They were intensly interested, and after the lesson we talked about things that had happened in their lives that they KNEW were miracles. I got to listen to their stories about family members being made well, missing pets returning home, and all kinds of cool "farm" stories. We talked about sports in relation to giving credit to a team member who scored points or who played a great game. In the same way, we need to give credit to God when he performs a miracle in our life. Don't just discount it as luck or chance, and most importantly, don't keep it to yourself.

Thank you LWC parents for raising such awesome boys! You should know that they love you and they recognize the things that you are doing for them. They will grow to be amazing men someday, and will bless and honor their parents, church, and their God!

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