Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just breathe through it

I can handle being broke, I can handle being short a vehicle, I can handle being so busy that my head spins, but I can hardly stand for one of my children to be sick! And 2009, thus far, has not been a "healthy" year for the Taylor-DeBruler gang.

First, Colton shoved foam so far up his nose that it had to be "surgically" removed (he has since put a cheerio and a french fry up his nose as well). Then he got an infection from the foam, which shot his temperature up so high we had to rush him to the ER.

Summer got such a bad case of the strep virus that it caused painful stomach cramps so awful that we were sure it must be appendicitis. She also was taken to the ER twice in the same week - the second time she was so terribly dehydrated from not eating or drinking that she had to receive fluids.

Right after she got better, little JD got strep. Within a few days Colton had to be treated for it as well! Then on Monday of this week, Summer wakes to tell me that she, again, does not feel off to the doctor we go because I was sure she had strep again! Thankfully she did not, but was treated for a very yucky sinus infection.

As I sat quietly on my couch last night after everyone had gone to bed I heard the"chorus of coughs" echo through my home. First JD, then Colton, Summer chimed in with a lovely hacking sound, even little Sydney...who was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday at the hospital...was participating in the chorus. I think Jeff even threw in a few coughs of his own. And I have to say...I am drained! Not only does it take a toll on a child when he or she is sick, but mommies just can't sleep if they have a sick little one! It just upsets my entire day. And I think about Colton and Sydney especially. They are too little to tell me how they really feel...Does something hurt?..Do they have a headache?..Can they breathe through their little nose?..Does it hurt to swallow? I mean how horrible to be so little and so sick and not be able to explain it.

Dear God,
I beg you, please make my children well. We are all so tired and worn out from the constant illness. It has drained my family physically, emotionally, and even financially. I am so thankful for all your many blessings in my life, and I am also very thankful that my children are only battling small illnesses. I lift up those parents and little ones who have greater battles before them...illnesses a lot worse than just strep throat. But please do keep a watchful eye on Pooh Bear. Heal her from the pneumonia and give us all the health and energy we need to enjoy your abundant blessings, as spring is right around the corner and I want to enjoy every minute and give you all the praise. In your son's name I ask these things, Amen.

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